Key Dates to Look Out For With The Upcoming UK Gambling White Paper Changes

The UK continues to go under major changes to gambling legislation, with the recent white paper being released and 2023 to 2026 seeing different parts of this pushed out. It is set to cause major disruptions in the UK online casino space, so here we have covered some of the key dates to look out for:

Spring 2024

  • May: Gambling commission published the latest Summer Consultation response. They then began accepting PML applications from CEOs and MDs who do not currently hold a PML.

Summer 2024

  • August: Remote operators will then be required to conduct financial checks on all players that have lost over £500 net deposits across a period of 30 days. This will include a pilot scheme for the largest operators, who will have to participate in a financial risk assessment test.

Winter 2024/2025

  • February 2025: Remote operators will now have to conduct the same full financial vulnerability checks at net deposits of just £150 over a rolling period of 30 days.

These are the key upcoming changes that are taking place across the rest of 2024 and into the early period of 2025. This is clearly going to result in issues for a vast number of players, who are likely going to look to move away from these limited restrictions under the UKGC. You can access sites at the DailyStar, as we will continue to release the latest news across the upcoming changes.

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